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How to match necklaces to different necklines

Necklaces count among one of the most common and well-loved jewellery worn by women. As if necklace designs are not varied enough, garments come in numerous necklines, making the process of selecting a necklace that complements the outfit less easy than it looks! We’ve tried and tested with a few looks – just follow us and find out how!

Necklace Lengths

Necklace Lengths

Depending on where your necklace sits, it will interact in different ways with your neckline, and create a different overall effect.

Rules of thumb

Typically, most women just look at their neckline and visually determine if a necklace is suitable. That usually works and your aesthetic sense actually drives most of your styling decisions anyway. Here are the rules of thumb to follow in cases where you are not sure, or if you want to vary your styling options:

One focal point

Unless you are attending an over-the-top masquerade or event, remember to only have 1 focal point in your outfit. If you are already wearing something with an interesting neckline, be it lace, ruffles or just a unique cutting, you are better off letting it shine on its own. Topping it off with a necklace is likely to make everything look cluttered, and diminish the pretty factor. If you must.


Sweetheart neckline

Sweethearts are most elegant either in a simple princess necklace or a bib style one for a more dramatic effect. The amount of skin revealed above the cleavage gives you ample options for dressing it up. You may also skip the necklace for sweeping chandelier earrings. I would personally avoid choker necklaces because it leaves leaves too much space between it and the neckline. The exception is if it also covers your collarbone.

Sweetheart neckline


These necklines vary in the degree of the plunge, though all have some degree of slimming effect since it draws the eye downwards. Regardless, you can choose a necklace that is big enough to cover half or more of the exposed area. This means a princess length necklace for a shorter plunge, or a matinee necklace for a deeper cut.

Purple v-neck


This one cuts right past your chest area and is almost to your navel. For such a look, it's better to skip the necklace altogether. Remember, 1 focal point - there's nothing much eye-catching that that plunging necklace and so, go for simple accessorizing - no necklace and small sparkling studs for maximum effect.

Plunging neckline

High necks, e.g. Turtleneck / Cowl neck

This is one that doesn't go well with princess length necklaces. Having the neckline at such a high level above your collarbone means any accessorizing over the neck will too bulky. You'll look strangled! Instead, if you want to wear a necklace, pick a matinee or opera style to draw the eye down and balance with the high neck.

High halter neck

Crew neck / Boat neck

These necklines cut over your collarbone. So, either wear something that goes way below it (like matinee or operas), or a statement one that goes right over it and doesn't shift much. Just avoid those small light pendants on princess lengths that will end up either under your top, or worse, half under, which is just plain awkward.

Boat Neck Dress

Collared shirts

For these typical formal office wear, which borders on looking boring, accessorizing can and should be interesting. Instead of having a long necklace which may not be suitable for the occasion, flat bib style princess or matinee necklaces, depending on how open your neckline is, breaks the monotony of your top. However, if your collared top is very patterned (big checkers, bold stripes), remember the 1 focal point rule and skip the bib style for a simple pendant.

Collared shirt

Happy necklacing!

Photo credits: The Celebrity Dresses, Weddingdress Bee, Mon Cheri, Altitude Promo, Freebuy

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